Dementia walk

Summer Days Dementia Walk:

It was on one of those glorious summer days when Jade and Rachel two of our staff from Northfield House took our residents, Bill and Lillian to join in with the final Dementia Walk of the Summer around Stroud’s beautiful Stratford Park.

Dementia walk

And what a stunning walk it was too. The weather was glorious, with the sun shining brightly and fluffy clouds floating by in the sky!

As they strolled around the gardens and the museum in the park,  with others also taking part in the walk, they were able to spend some time looking at the glorious flowers and talking about which ones they thought were the prettiest and, which ones they liked best.

Bill and Lillian also entertained Jade and Rachel whilst on their walk, with some enjoyable reminiscence about what kind of jobs they did when they were younger. 

It was with great interest they listened as Bill told them all about his time in the police force whilst Lillian also proudly talked of her joyous time many years ago, when she used to sing on stage with the ‘One and Only”  Dame Vera Lynn!!
Dementia walk

As they approached the back garden of the museum, they all commented on how stunning the views were from there!. Bill especially took a trip down memory lane whilst looking over the lake, he said it reminded him fondly of the place he used to live when he was a young lad.

As a special treat on this last dementia walk of the summer at the end, all the volunteers and residents from the various homes attending, thoroughly enjoyed a scrumptious picnic to complete this very special activity!  There was also lots of chatter and laughter heard amongst them, whilst talking amongst themselves and listening to each other.

The walk was such a success and not surprising they are looking forward to the next one being held in the early autumn already!

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August 31, 2015