What’s Included in Your Stay at
Northfield House

Meals - All meals including condiments, snacks, tea, coffee and soft drinks in house, offered during the day (and during the night if required).

Also included are any special dietary requirements (unless you have a hankering for caviar – that’ll be extra!) Please ask for more details.

Wet Wipes - For assistance at mealtimes

Eating Utensils - Specialist eating & drinking vessels, and clothing protection if required (unless exceptionally expensive – please discuss any special requirements with us)

Bedding - All bedding, towels & flannels

Laundry - All clothing and bedding laundered on the premises (No dry cleaning)

Incontinence Pads - supplied by continence services

Birthdays/Celebrations - Birthday & celebration cakes (we love celebrations) - Anniversary, Easter, Christmas etc.

Nail Care - General manicure products including some stock nail varnishes

Homely Medecines - (non prescription) general medicines & first aid supplies (If you require to know exactly what is included, please ask at the home)

Bathrooms - Toilet paper for all toilets plus Anti Bac spray, soap & paper hand towels in the general communal areas

Cleaning Products - General Cleaning supplies throughout private and communal areas

Activity Provisions - such as crafts and general items for this area

Outings - Some outings may occasionally be included and not charged for

Mobility Equipment - General mobility/handling equipment/wheelchairs that we keep in house – or supplied by local authority

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