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One of the hardest decisions of your life

If you’re reading this you are facing one of life’s toughest decisions – to put your loved one ‘into care’. Perhaps it’s come to a crunch point where you realise that you can no longer cope. After all caring for someone with dementia is physically and mentally draining.

Or perhaps something has happened to make you realise that they need full time 24 hour care and supervision and that it’s no longer practical for you to provide it.

Nothing is too much trouble for the Staff at Northfield

Maureen Turner Daughter of Resident

My Mother has been a resident at Northfield House for 6 years, I am always made to feel welcome when I visit. The home has a friendly home from home atmosphere. Mums health has deteriorated due to her Dementia, the staff work hard to make Mum look nice, she is of a Welsh origin, and a memory box has been made to help mum's memory of Wales.

Her room is made very personalised also to help mum feel at home. Nothing is too much trouble for the Staff at Northfield it is just like one big family. I cannot speak highly enough of Northfield, and have often recommended it to others.

Whatever the reason you may well be struggling with your conscience and feel that you are somehow letting them down. Or maybe you feel that they won’t get the same love, care and attention that you give them.

It’s also tough for your loved one

Facing moving into full time care is also a daunting prospect for your loved one. They may fear no longer being in control of their lives and be worried about moving to where they don’t know anyone. They may be concerned that they won’t like the food, that they’ll have no privacy and won’t be able to continue to do the things that still bring them pleasure.

If you recognise these fears and concerns for both yourself and your loved one, please be assured we can help.

Why full time residential care at Northfield House may well be the best option for your loved one

Choosing the right care home for your loved one is a vitally important decision, especially when they have dementia and may not be able to make their own views fully clear.

We believe at Northfield House we have created the ideal place for those living with dementia to experience the very best in life.

Here's why.

Northfield House is a dedicated dementia home. 

We specialize in caring for people who have dementia and this has enabled our staff to build up tremendous practical knowledge of how to provide the very best dementia care. Whatever the type of behaviour, we will have experienced it before and know how to deal with it in the best possible way.

A wider range of engaging and stimulating dementia specific activities.

We have an extensive range of exciting and innovative activities specially designed by our Activities Coordinator to help those with dementia. Keeping active and engaged is vital in enabling your loved one to have the best possible quality of life.

They’ll be able to have fun interacting with animals, experiencing nature, gardening in our secure garden, visiting interesting places, singing, engaging in crafts & games and enjoying our visiting entertainers. There’s always something happening at Northfield!

A genuine home with a familiar feel

Large, new, corporate ‘Travel Lodge’ style homes with many rooms may look good on first inspection but they come with several major drawbacks, particularly for those living with dementia.

Firstly their sheer size means that it’s very difficult for staff to get to know all the residents and for the residents to find their way around without becoming confused and frustrated. Northfield’s compact 25 bed size means that all the staff know our small community of residents very well. They therefore get to truly understand their individual needs which leads to better care.

Secondly it’s much more difficult for a large home with many people working there to consistently get excellent staff. At Northfield we have an excellent resident to staff ratio, very loyal staff and low staff turnover. This all helps us to provide such exceptionally high levels of care.

Finally the large corporate style of home tends to be very anonymous. Every room and corridor looks the same and even the communal areas tend to be very nondescript which makes it very hard for people with dementia to navigate.

Northfield House has been extensively adapted to make it easy for people living with dementia to find their way around and to recognize each room and it’s purpose. Even the staff uniforms are designed to be dementia friendly. This all helps to eliminate the agitation and worry that would arise if your loved one became confused and disorientated.

What to do now

We hope you feel from this brief introduction to the home that Northfield House can offer your loved one a warm, relaxed, safe and secure environment and truly exceptional care. However, the best way to see if Northfield is the right home for your loved one is to come and visit.

You are most welcome to visit any time and the kettle is always on so why not pop in and take a look. If you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment with Carol, the Home Manager, for a confidential chat about your requirements please call us on 01453 488060 or click here to email us.

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