Knowing when is the best time to seek residential care for a loved one is a question families usually dread. The realisation that someone you care for is no longer able to stay safely in their own home and now needs full time support is hard to come to terms with.

Fear of change and a misplaced belief among family members that they are somehow giving up and abandoning their loved one can transform the decision making process from a positive one, of considering the advantages that residential care can bring, to a negative one fuelled by fear of betrayal and guilt.

Powerful and understandable as these negative emotions may be, they should never be allowed to dominate.

Specialist residential care can provide enormous advantages for older people

Change often brings out feelings of insecurity and fear, but in this case, change should be seen as something positive to be embraced with both hands.

Residential care can significantly improve life for both the resident and other family members who will be freed from the relentless nature of providing full time care and constant worry.

Here at Northfield House our skilled and experienced staff are dedicated to providing specialist dementia care and improving the lives of those living with dementia and their families.

People living with dementia see and experience the world differently to you and I. That’s why all our staff members are chosen not just for their comprehensive qualifications but also for their ability to show kindness, understanding, empathy and endless patience in their care of all our residents.


Tackling loneliness and isolation 

High quality residential care that has been designed with the needs of older people in mind can provide a far more stimulating environment than that of an individual’s own home, particularly if poor health or reduced mobility has restricted their ability to get out and about. 

Our strong sense of community is particularly important to us at Northfield House and we pride ourselves on our welcoming atmosphere and home from home feel. This provides genuine opportunities for friendship and companionship from staff and fellow residents alike, and helps provide our residents with renewed purpose and zest for life.

Greater Independence with specialist support

Northfield House has been extensively adapted to make it easy for people living with dementia to find their way around and to recognise each room and it’s purpose. This makes it easier for residents to join in activities more easily. Even the staff uniforms are designed to be dementia friendly. This all helps to eliminate agitation and worry, and helps promote independence and self-esteem.

Stimulating activities and group therapies

Keeping active and engaged is vital in enabling our residents to have the highest possible quality of life. We are able to provide a range of activities, therapies and events that people living in their own homes simply wouldn’t be able to access.

So whether it’s interacting with animals, experiencing nature, gardening in our secure garden, visiting interesting places, singing, engaging in crafts & games and enjoying our numerous visiting entertainers, there’s always something happening at Northfield!

This helps our residents stay active, engaged, and connected to the outside world and is important in helping them maintain a sense of purpose and ward off depression.

Improved quality of life for family carers

Access to 24 hour care removes the strain and worry that the demands of physical care puts on family members. Exhaustion and depression are common among full time family carers and the relentless nature of care means that sharing enjoyable time together can be lost among the constant demands that physical care brings.

Knowing that your love one is receiving excellent care and support both physically and mentally means that time spent together can once again be enjoyed, creating special moments to treasure.

Ensuring quality residential care

When families embrace change and take advantage of the support residential care can provide, life can be transformed for  both the recipient of that care and their family members.

If only we’d moved here sooneris a comment we hear frequently.

This is of course fantastic for us to hear, but it does leave us wondering how long a period of struggle and hardship some families have had to endure before finding the support and relief they so badly needed. 

So our advice is simple – Keep a positive mindset, plan early, and don’t put off those difficult decisions about future care!


Northfield House is a specialist provider of dementia care in the market town of Stroud in Gloucestershire. We pride ourselves on our warm welcoming atmosphere so please give us a ring on 01453 488060 to arrange a visit.  You’ll be able to experience for yourself our strong sense of community and the opportunities we offer for friendship and support.

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July 25, 2019