Isolation among older generations is alarmingly common. Even before Covid-19 struck as many as 40% of older people living in their own homes reported feelings of loneliness and boredom. For people living with dementia, this is even more pronounced and sadly lockdown has only made things worse, leaving many people with dementia feeling frightened and alone.

Worryingly the effects of isolation are felt not only on an emotional level, but they also have a physical impact. For people living with dementia numerous health problems are exacerbated by isolation and loneliness, including a greater risk of falls, growing anxiety and agitation, and increased apathy.

Residential care homes can play an important part in banishing loneliness and isolation

Residential care homes that specialise in dementia care are in a unique position to help motivate and engage older people by helping their residents make new friends, reconnect with hobbies they enjoyed previously, and even learn and experience something new.

Providing a stimulating atmosphere with people to talk to, dementia friendly activities and events to enjoy, and an accessible environment and facilities adapted to meet the needs of those living with dementia, care homes are well placed to help their residents make the most of the opportunities available. And with experienced, knowledgeable staff on hand to provide support  as needed, families can rest happy that their loved ones’ physical and medical are being met.

How care homes can help older people avoid isolation

Promote a sense of purpose
Older people with a sense of purpose in their everyday activities are less likely to experience depression. Dementia specialist care homes that have adapted their rooms and facilities to make them dementia-friendly can help their residents maintain their independence for longer, and set routines will help them maintain a sense of usefulness and purpose.

Encourage dining with others
Eating with others is inherently social. Encouraging older people to share a meal with others gives lots of opportunities for chat and social engagement, but also has the added benefit of promoting better nutrition which can be easily neglected by older people living alone.

Provide sociable and stimulating activities
Providing enjoyable purposeful activities, accessible equipment and the opportunity to socialise easily, care homes can help restore people’s motivation and make a huge difference in helping maintain social connections and a zest for life.

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Northfield is a specialist dementia care home that has been specially adapted to ensure we are able able to meet the individual needs of our residents. The home has a genuinely homely and welcoming feel and there is a strong sense of community.

We consider all our residents to be like a dear loved one in our own family, so here your loved one will be able to  find real friendship and companionship from staff and fellow residents alike.  

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March 5, 2021