Covid Updates

We are 100% Covid Free And Accepting New Residents

We're delighted to say that we remain COVID FREE and all our residents have now had their 2nd covid vaccination!

All care staff have also been vaccinated and we continue to undertake testing for staff and residents on a regular basis as required.

New Covid 19 Visiting Arrangements

We are very pleased to say that visiting guidance has changed and we are in a position once again to welcome friends and relatives back into the home to see their loved ones.

Although the gradual opening up to visitors is ‘guidance only’ it still remains the responsibility at the home to consider and assess carefully what visiting protocol is most suited to our particular establishment. This is to help give the best protection we can to our residents and staff to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

What's Allowed:
We are delighted that with strict infection control procedures in place, including LFD testing, we are able to accept visits booked in advance including: face to face, behind screen, window and … when weather permits outside in our beautiful garden.

How do I arrange it:
You will need to call the home to book your visit in advance. This is to ensure we are able to structure and oversee the visit as safely as we can.

Important rules and guidelines you must adhere to:
You will need to arrive for your visit on time, when you will then be given the appropriate PPE, have your temperature taken, complete a relevant health questionnaire and take an LFD Covid test.

Before the visit can proceed any further, you will be required to have a negative result, when you will then be given further clear instruction on the procedures to follow and the visit will go ahead.

These procedures are being kept under regular review and we will adapt our visiting protocol as and when required or we receive further national guidance.

If you would like to call the home for a chat for more information about visiting your loved one, we will be more than happy to assist.

We thank you for your support and understanding.