Memories of A Glorious Afternoon Last Summer!

We recently reflected on what those who work and live at Northfield House achieved one sunny July afternoon in 2014 that is a little different to “the norm” when everyone was delighted to have hosted Sally Webb from Connect2Colour to lead us in the creation of several very colourful and multi sensory, 3D pieces of art.

It was a glorious day when sunscreen and hats were donned to spend time in the garden making a beautiful picture that would become our bespoke decorative wall hanging you will see when you walk into our entrance hall.

A large blank canvas was covered in acrylic paint, swirled by sticks, whilst also using their hands to position glittery jewels and shiny objects on the wet acrylic; oranges, reds and yellows combined together to produce a stunning, bright and vibrant piece of artwork.


The experience was a very effective way of being able to connect together all those who took part, allowing the powerful flow of creative energy!

Sally from Connect2Colour said “It was a real privilege to work with everyone at Northfield where those that live here require specialist care due to their complex needs. It was also really wonderful to see everyone come to life in the sunshine as they painted with us”.

by admin

May 16, 2015