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Gardening with dementia

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Gardening is something that can bring great comfort and pleasure to people of all ages and abilities, and people living with dementia are no exception.  Whether they were keen gardeners or not before diagnosis, connecting with the outdoors offers activities which can distract, engage, add to routines and be a meaningful focus for physical and […]

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Combating dementia sleep problems – Tips on how to get a better night’s sleep

Senior woman having sleep disorder

Combating dementia sleep problems – Tips on how to get a better night’s sleepNight time disturbance and sleep problems are very common in people living with dementia, particularly in the later stages as the disease progresses.Dementia causes disruption to a person’s circadian rhythm (body clock) which makes it harder to differentiate between night and day. […]

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The Power of Reminiscence Therapy


As we get older memories from our teens and early twenties tend to remain most prominent in our minds. This is particularly important for people living with dementia because, as short term memories start to fade, reminiscence activities can help take them back to a point in their lives when their memories are clearest. This […]

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Featured in Stroud News and Journal


Featured In Stroud News and Journal The recent opening of our fantastic new Sensory Garden got us featured inStroud News and Journal. Article by Amy Mason. Published 6th November 2018 NORTHFIELD House Care Home in Uplands Stroud, who deliver care for the elderly and those with dementia, were delighted when the Mayor of Stroud Kevin Cranston […]

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